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The open letters Christians keep writing on social media

My dear Wormwood,

Subject: The open letters Christians keep writing on social media

It is great to see that social media has not been so seriously used as a weapon to further the enemies kingdom. If we can keep them wrestling with flesh and blood then they will never be bothered to fight against our princes or principalities. We need to work to promote more of the divisive open letters. This will keep the rabble from reading the Testaments that have several letters of the other kingdom and only further that detestable message of selfish love and genuine forgiveness. Thankfully those are seldom read. Continue Reading →


A love story

There is a writer/producer by the name Dom Fera. He has been creating Youtube videos for a few years. Well written story. Worth 25 minutes.

“I can’t tell if you are weird or just shy.”


Moving and offices

I moved offices this week. I spent at least five years in that prior office. The stairs to my old office are really tough on my leg until it heals and gets new strength. So the Yahweh Center graciously agreed to move me from the second floor to the first. I got in there for the first time this week and was overcome with the newness of it all. New paint smell, my office furniture was moved a bit sporadically each day, my art began to be hung, I brewed some much needed hot tea with my Mr. Coffee Keurig, and I slowly began arranging things. My leg ached and I had to constantly sit more than I desired as I moved in to a new space. Continue Reading →

Nine out of 10 missing American personnel—more than 78,000 individuals—are unaccounted-for from World War II. Photo credit: © U.S. Department of Defense

Permission to weep

As I have been recovering there are moments my emotions get the best of me and I feel like weeping. I grew up in a tradition where weeping or crying by men was not to subtlety considered un-masculine. That is ridiculous but some men and women still believe it. I’m not saying weep over someone spilling your coffee, though at four bucks a cup that might be a bit understandable. Seriously, sometimes the only response to real tragedy is to weep. Weeping is not something just babies or little children do, it is something humans do. I could go in to all the psychology that states grief expressed through weeping is actually healthy as the body processes trauma and grief. Instead, I’m just going to say that it is okay when appropriate to d

For anyone that needs permission to weep. Here are a few biblical manly men including nations of men and women that wept. Continue Reading →


Be of good cheer

It’s a great accomplishment for the players and coaches. We can’t feel sorry for ourselves. As trite as it sounds, we’ve got another game to prepare for. We’ll go over every inch of film for the mistakes. I’m a believer in film. It usually doesn’t lie.


– De La Salle coach Bob Ladouceur after 151 win streak (12 perfect seasons) ends.

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Cultural Anthropologist and Emails

I am amazed the gullibility people must possess that spam still exists. In the future when our society is studied by cultural anthropologist they will conclude 21st century Americans had problems with aging, relationships, impotence, enlarging and/or shrinking organs, finding coupons, desperately needing career advice, and a seriously high number of dead relatives with incompetent lawyers trying to give away free money from Nigeria.


I don’t get it, how can so many Americans be so messed up that they actually believe spam email might solve their problems? This is the 21st century version of the ads from the 1950s onward in the back of comics that promised you could grow your hair, raise sea-horses, or six easy lessons learn fluent Mandarin. People are gullible.  Continue Reading →

Nato Phonetic Alphabet, created by Will Adair ( on 11/2012. Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States (CC BY-SA 3.0 US)

Discovering your stolen work is on Pinterest

As the title suggest I discovered the other day that a graphic I made back in 2012 is still surfing around the internet. I created the graphic to use when calling tech support people when I need to spell words. Apparently a Southern accent is not understandable to some other Americans over the phone. I discovered when I created a Pinterest board for some poetry art that I made that my site and the art with the Nato Phonetic Alphabet came up. After doing a reverse image search apparently someone had taken the original from my site and had linked to my websites original graphic url. The annoying part was that they claimed it was their own work. Pro-tip, if you steal a graphic it is wise not to hot link to the original website and still claim you created it.   Continue Reading →