Various thoughts on turning 32

Deep thoughts ahead, you’ve been warned.

1. I’m no longer 21 by over a decade. I first thought today I turned 33 then looked at the calendar.
2. I got carded last week buying wine.
3. The lady said “I can’t be to careful.”
4. I wondered how many kids are attempting to buy wine at CVS?
5. I’m not proud about where I had that interaction.
6. Did you know you can loose a whole paper you backed up several different places?
7. Can’t blame it on the wine. It still has yet to be open.
8. You know the children’s riddle “if Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, how fuzzy was he?” Since he was not a bear, what was he?
9. I have a awesome wife.
10. Deep thought of the day was not 8.

Bonus: Eph. 1:4 means that God is basically saying:

Before the foundation of the world, I knew you and I chose you. I planned for you. Christ came for you to bless you. Fully bless you.

I had to memorize Eph 1:1-18 for a systematic theology class. Thanks Dr. Nelson! How’s that changing your world today?

  • Richard Campeau

    I beat you by a year, Will. I was last carded at 33. In Boston.

    • Will

      The fellowship of ruggedly handsome 30 something guys that don’t look like they are out of their teens.