Theological Cool Kids

You know what’s sad? Besides NC State not getting in to the Elite Eight? Theological cool kids.

I’ve been meditating a lot on two passages of Scripture during the season of Lent.

The heart of man is desperately wicked, who can know it?


Our Father who is in Heaven, Holy is Your Name! Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!

Theological cool kids are Christians that have turned all their passion in to learning about God instead of living with God. They notice the sins of everyone else (especially spouses, other Christians, and coworkers) but are hard pressed to root out their own. They know what total depravity is in others but not themselves. I know I have the tendency to be one of those guys.

God in his grace has kept that from consuming me but it could.

Theological Cool Kids take sin and faith seriously. They know the Bible. They quote Calvin and Luther and the modern equivalents like Piper and Driscoll without breaking a sweat. They find comrades in arms to share their theological distinctive to keep away from those not just like them. Their families are a wreck but they don’t mind counseling others how to live theirs. The root of their problem is pride. Theological cool kids and perhaps worst the wannabes have a deep desire for others to validate them instead of God on their theological acumen. They do not realize their tendency to worship the created (doctrine, beliefs, great moral truth) instead of the Creator (the God of gods, the Lord of lords, the Alpha and Omega).

The antidote for theological cool kids is a holy humility. The solution is to realize that our hearts need to be exposed by a God not willing to leave us to ourselves if we are humble. Only God knows our hearts. Only he can expose the cancer that eats at our souls and only he can cure the disease. Holy humility demands we come before God with empty hands. It lets him alone put robes upon us. It is he who orders the party to commence.

When we ask diligently for God to show us our true hearts then he will and then he begins to heal us.

His Kingdom comes when our kingdom ends. We have the choice though to either pursue being a theological cool kid or just being God’s kid. Either we clothe ourselves or let God do it.

Prayer: Lord, deliver me from wanting to be a Theological Cool Kid. Give me a holy humility that comes from you and not from me. Amen.